Why we Choose AIM GLOBAL?


There are lots of networking companies today in the Philippines and around the world, but WHY I joined to AIM GLOBAL? Here are my 10 reasons:

1. Well Established – AIM Global is proven and well established company. Founded on March 2006 and for 6 years in business, AIM GLOBAL never failed to pay the commissions of every distributor EVERYDAY.


2. Quality Products –  AIM Global products are world-class and not just an ordinary products. Imported and made by Nature’s Way U.S.A. The products are proven effective at reasonable price. Therefore the reorders are high because it is food supplements and consumables that can be consume by anyone from pregnancy to bonus age.

3. Exclusivity of Products – AIM GLOBAL products are exclusive for the company and you cannot buy from your leading stores nationwide.

4. Innovative – AIM Global NEVER stops to discover new products especially for health, so the product lines are growing from time to time. This year alone (2012) there are new products to be launch.

5. Transparent – Because you have online account, you can monitor all activities including your group wherever you are in the world. You can see your commissions, payouts & points everyday and nobody can steal it from your account.

6. Experienced and Trustworthy Owners – AIM GLOBAL owners are directorsexperienced NETWORKERS, so they know how to distribute the products, explain the products and marketing plan and to operate the company. Because of these, there is no overpaying. You can see them in the office and sometimes they conduct seminars and trainings. You can talk to them and you can ask them some advice. They care to us and all distributors of the company because they know how to be a distributor.

7. Global Expansion – AIM GLOBAL is NOT limited only to the Philippines. It is legally spreading to the whole world, and the truth is, AIM GLOBAL already has offices in  Singapore, Brunei, Hongkong, Taiwan, Dubai, Hawaii, South Korea, Kuwait and Nigeria. There are many other offices that soon to open in other countries like Italy and Indonesia this year. This is the proof that the company is going stronger and they are not afraid to expand globally.

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8. Topnotch Marketing Plan – The marketing plan of AIM Globalis not only limited to Binary. It is the combinations of Hybrid Binary, UniLevel and Stair Step. So in just 1 effort, you will earn 3 times. There are many networking companies out there, but only AIM GLOBAL has the combinations of the 3 marketing plans.

9. Scholarship Program – AIM GLOBAL is giving away scholarship to all members up to 100% discounts on tuition fees which is transferrable to anyone depending to schools and courses. It is a very big help to those who wants to pursue studying in college. How about your company? Did your company give you scholarships?

10Alive Foundation – AIM GLOBAL is unique, it is not just an ordinary networking company that cares only for money. They are doing charity works; AIM GLOBAL is helping poor people NATIONWIDE and giving away relief goods to the needy. This is the reason why the company is growing very fast and lots of blessings and abundance.

That’s IT, that’s the reason and still many more why I joined this company. Alliance In Motion is the company that cares and helps people around the world and it’s worth to be part of it.

NOT all businesses that can make you crazy are strong and stay longer. AIM GLOBAL is VERY STRONG and going stronger every day and will last longer, that’s for sure! So come and FLY with us.

So if you are ready to change your life for better future, join NOW in my team. Just inform me and I will refer you to my partners nearest to your place for assistance. Success Testimonials